Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bilingual Children Are Better Mentally Developed And Do Better In School

Kids that spend the time to learn to speak Spanish audio CDs or have spent time studying the Spanish language, have been found to do better in school in mostly all subjects.

Compared to monolingual students, these bilinguals have been found to have better problem solving skills and are more creative. This has been shown in SAT results- tests given to high school seniors. In 2006, SAT results show that the highest scores in the Critical Reading sections are obtained by those students with four or more years of foreign language training.

Children that make the use of their time by using learn to speak Spanish audio CDs do better in school. It is a proven fact that bilingual children are superior academically to their one language counterparts. They have been shown to do better in problem solving and their creativity is also superior.

SAT result scores of High School students have demonstrated this. In the 2006 SAT results, the highest scores for critical reading have been achieved by those students with an educational background consisting of four or more years of foreign language training.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Importance Of The Spanish Language For Kids

Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world. It is actually tied for third place with the English language. In the U.S, people of Latin descent have recently become the largest minority in the country, passing up the Black population of the U.S.

Their rich culture and tradition is beginning to pervade U.S society and culture. This is especially true in states such as Texas, New York, and Florida. Kids that have mastered the language can speak with Hispanics more freely, whether they be friends or classmates.

This allows them to make more friends in less time, gives them more confidence in socializing with others, and helps them better understand cultural differences and appreciate them more. I will continue the subject of teaching children to speak Spanish in my next blog. Until then, to learn more teaching our children to speak Spanish, Click here to find out more about.

Why We Should Encourage Teaching Children To Speak Spanish

Why We Should Encourage Teaching Children To Speak Spanish

Why are parents so out of touch with reality when it comes to their child’s education. How can they think that just because a child is learning Spanish at the same time he is learning English, that his progress in learning English would be retarded.

Your child’s ability to learn how to read, write and speak English would not be damaged in any manner or form. Such parents should have more confidence in their child’s learning abilities.

Their kids will not be confused between the two languages and will not mix up the words of either language. In addition, their mastery of the English language would not be affected in the slightest. What these people are doing is depriving their children of the opportunity to become bi-lingual, something everyone should strive for.
This is just one reason why we should be teaching children to speak Spanish. Until my next blog, Click here to find out more about teaching Spanish to children.